Goodbye Hampton Roads

Dear Hampton Roads,

part of me can't believe I'm typing this, while another part of me knew this day would eventually come.

You've been a part of my life for 20 years now, that's 71% of my life if we're breaking down the math. I know I had that brief stint of living in NoVA, it was college man, and then that one year I tried to live in Maryland but even during that time my driver's license and car registration always said "Newport News".

From my humble beginnings in Hampton, to spending my preteen years in York County, to ranging like an idiot teenager in Newport News, and finally deciding to "try the other side" and live in Virginia Beach. I can say that without a doubt Hampton Roads, you and I have gotten very well aquatinted with one another.

There's no other place in this world like Hampton Roads, and I don't just mean because of the insanely large military population. Where else am I going to live that constantly likes to refer to itself by the telephone area code? Where else am I going to live that has traffic leading to the tunnel, in the tunnel, and then just magically disappears once you're out of the UNDERWATER tunnel? Where else am I going to live where one city, Norfolk, has about 5 different pronunciations because it all depends on who you ask? Where else am I going to live where there are about 10 different grocery stores within a 5 mile radius of my house? Where else am I going to live that has about 50 different bridges, even though I'm afraid of water? Where else am I going to live that allows me to go to the beach AND the first permanent English settlement in just 30 minutes?

Hampton Roads, I love you. I love this area, I love the people that live in this area. I love the person this area has made me into and no matter where I end up, no matter where I go, I will ALWAYS call you home.



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