Is That Your Baby?

According to the dictionary the word "fun" means, "enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure". I don't think what this nurse did can be defined as "fun".

A nurse that is currently on her death bed has decided to come clean about a dirty secret of hers from over the years.She claims to have swapped over 5,000 babies over a 12 year period simply for fun. She says she would give a baby to the families, just not their baby according to her story.Elizabeth Mwewa, a nurse from Zambia, confessed her sins on her hospital bed as she lay there suffering from cancer. She says she is now born again and did not want to hide anything that would stop her from visiting the land of honey and milk. Mwewa added that it became a habit and she used to do it for fun and has now acknowledged that she has sinned against God and Zambians and would want them to forgive her. Authorities haven't been able to confirm or deny her story as of yet.


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