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The federal force tasked with hunting down drug traffickers and illegal substances is looking for a Laredo, Texas contractor to help incinerate evidence held by the DEA, including papers, cassette tapes, bulk marijuana, pharmaceuticals, and other incidental controlled substances.

Again, no, this does not mean that anyone can take a brick of weed and say they'll take care of business for the DEA. In a post seeking the contractors, the DEA outlines specific parameters for who can win the bid.

The contractor must be able to incinerate up to 1,000 pounds of bulk marijuana per hour, up to eight hours a day. Any workers associated with the incineration will be drug tested and have their background checked. The DEA would also have a representative present during the incineration. Other measures, including a closed-circuit surveillance system, would be in place to make sure nothing happened to the drugs before incineration.

They are also looking to work with contractors in Texas cities including Galveston, Houston, Beaumont, McAllen, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Eagle Pass, Del Rio, San Antonio, Austin, and Waco.

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