Does Panic! Sound Like Lil Wayne?

Don't music people say you only need to know three or four chords to create a song? Or is it that most popular music includes the same four songs?

Earlier this week SPIN writer, Andy Crush, stated that Panic! At the Disco's hit "High Hopes" bears some striking resemblance to Lil Wayne's "Ride for My N*ggas". According to Crush,

“The rhyme scheme, the way the syllables fall across the beat, the type of fanfare-ish production that makes you want to run a few sets on the Rocky stairs, the lyrics about having faith in yourself and celebrating victory in the face of struggle—both songs have all of these things in common.”

Take a listen to the chorus of "High Hopes" (which is at the beginning of the video) and then to the chorus of "Ride for My N*ggas" (minute marker 1:23)


What do you think? Do you hear the similarities?


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