A Band I Like That Maybe You've Never Heard Of: Our Last Night

Hello! Welcome to my new weekly blog, A Band I Like That Maybe You've Never Heard Of, or you can call it ABILTMYNHO for short (because that's clearly so much better). Every week I'm going to feature a band that I love that maybe you've never heard of. A cool way to discover new music and of course if there's any bands or artists you think rock and I should take a listen to you can always hit me up!

This week's band: Our Last Night

Wikipedia describes the band as "post-hardcore" which to mean means they're a singing screamo band. They have a good balance of clean vocals mixed in with some screaming. Our Last Night not only has some KILLER originals but they do an amazing job of putting out covers of really popular songs. My favorite original song of theirs is "Broken Lives" and I think my favorite cover is a tie between " 1-800-273-8255 " and " Shape of You "

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