Thieves Steal Grandpa's Ashes

Usually you’d think a burglar would be interested in someone’s jewelry or other valuable goods, but thieves in South Carolina had other goods in mind to score. According to reports, police responded to a local burglary report after the two victims said they came home to their front door being unlocked. Among the shopping list of stolen items were:

  • Makeup
  • 2 Rokus (streaming devices) 
  • A purse
  • A silver ring and necklace
  • A beach bag
  • 2 frozen pizzas
  • A package of hot dogs
  • A package of cheese
  • A package of lunch meat
  • 4 containers of juice
  • A bottle of Jack Daniels

Did the thieves think they were at Walmart or something?  But perhaps the strangest loot of all was one of the victim’s grandpa’s ashes… and not the urn. I'm wondering if they just decided to dum the ashes in a huge sandwich bag and take it that way. Trifilin' just trifilin'...


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