Fitness Model Posts Thirst Trap But No One Can Get Past What's Behind Her

The goal of a thirst trap is to get a bunch of comments to give yourself a little self-esteem boost, and while one Twitter user got a ton of comments on her photo, they weren't really the kind that might make her feel good, in fact, they had absolutely nothing to do with her and everything to do with a tiny detail behind her in her photo

Elvira Hancock, a fitness enthusiast from New Jersey, posted a photo of herself walking down a street in a tight red dress while holding a pink rose. She captioned it "Flourishing." While she looked great in the shot, a lot of people were more surprised by the price of gas listed in the far distance: a mere $2.21 a gallon.  


Many of her followers pointed out the gas price, but one in particular wound up starting a discussion over fuel costs that has so far led to 51,500 comments. 


The thread included politics, local gas prices, memes and more:


While the conversation over gas prices sparked by the picture happened on Twitter this week, the photo was taken and posted last year, when gas prices were a little lower. Today, the price per gallon at the South Orange, New Jersey Delta station in the photo is $2.95, which is two cents more than the national average. 


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