Luxury Music Festival Is Basically The Hunger Games

Fyre Festival promised to be a bohemian music festival at the height of luxury.

The first annual (let's be honest, this is the last one) music festival in the Bahamas was promoted as not just a music festival, but an experience, where "Miles of white beach and turquoise water await attendees for a variety of sonic, communal and artistic activities...A marina which serves as V.I.P. docking space for yachts is located within yards of the festival grounds. Guests can choose to stay in a variety of tented accommodations, V.I.P. housing or private yachts.”

But as guests arrived and documented their experiences on social media, it became clear that organizers (including rapper Ja Rule) did not have their ish together.

Check out these disturbing descriptions from The New York TimesDigg, and TMZ via iHeartRadio.

(Fyre Festival promotional photo above basically the opposite of what it's actually like)

HT Digg / @jcosco aka Caesar Flickerman


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