Justin Timberlake Owns His #iHeartAwards Speech

Justin Timberlake got censored at our iHeartRadio Music Awards last night on TBS, TNT and TruTV for what might have been the most tasteful F-bomb ever on live TV.


We love you, JT...and your message!

But who wins #BestSpeech? Well, if it were a real award (which it is not), it would be a close call.

Coldplay is definitely up there with this hilarious prank featuring the kids from Katy Perry's performance!


And then there were Drew and Alex from The Chainsmokers, encouraging their fans not to give up on their dreams.


And my last nominee for #BestSpeech is Bruno Mars, who promised that he's just getting started.


Check out everything #iHeartAwards at now105.com, including Chris Martin's impromptu mosh pit


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